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Graduate Diploma in Psychology - Diploma en Psicología

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    Graduate Diploma in Psychology


The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for graduates of other disciplines who may be interested in changing career direction and perhaps eventually qualifying as a registered psychologist, or for those who wish to study psychology out of interest in the discipline. The course consists of eight compulsory subjects and two elective subjects, worth 12.5 points each (125 points in total). These ten subjects comprise the three-year undergraduate sequence accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), which is required as a first step for professional registration.


A complete academic transcript of your completed undergraduate bachelors degree. Originals or certified copies are typically required. When an unconditional offer made, we will require a certified original copy
No academic referee reports required
No personal statement required
Copy of passport (original required upon enrolment
While this is a graduate qualification, the subjects undertaken comprise of the undergraduate APAC accredited psychology sequence


First-year Subjects:

PSYC80001 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 (Summer Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC80002 Mind Brain and Behaviour 2 (Summer Semester) (12.5 points)


PSYC10003 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC10004 Mind Brain and Behaviour 2 (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

Second-year Subjects:

PSYC20006 Biological Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20008 Developmental Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20007 Cognitive Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC20009 Personality and Social Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

Third-year Subjects:


For students commencing the Graduate Diploma in Psychology prior to 2015

PSYC30013 Research Methods for Human Inquiry (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30021 Psychological Science: Theory and Practice (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

For students commencing the Graduate Diploma in Psychology from 2015

PSYC40014 Advanced Research Methods in Psychology (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC40013 Advanced Psychological Theory and Practice (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

Electives (Choose Two):

PSYC30012 The Unconscious Mind (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30017 Memory, Perception and Cognition (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30018 Neuroscience and the Mind (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30014 Psychopathology of Everyday Life (First Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30015 Applications in Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30016 Social and Emotional Development (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30019 Development of the Thinking Child (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30020 The Integrated Brain (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

PSYC30022 Trends in Personality and Social Psychology (Second Semester) (12.5 points)

Salidas profesionales

Psychologists study human behaviour, conduct research and apply research findings in order to reduce distress and behavioural and psychological problems, and to promote mental health and rational behaviour in individuals and groups. They work on a broad range of issues with clientele including children, adults, couples, families and organisations.

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