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Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Diploma de Postgrado en Comunicación Profesional

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication


The Curtin postgraduate course in Professional Communication is aimed at the next generation of professional communicators: people working in (or freelancing for) state, federal and local government, business and industry, the not-for-profit sector, arts organisations and the magazine and book industries. Uniquely, the Curtin Professional Communication course integrates creative practice and academic inquiry with training and experience in real-world technical and professional skills and competencies. It aims to foster its students’ creative non-fiction-writing talents, developing their skills in storytelling while training them in the specialised genres and conventions of professional communication and delivering advanced instruction in research, writing, editing and publishing. This equips students to contribute to and influence public discourse which is increasingly being driven by narrative: stories that capture an organisation’s identity, aspirations and endeavours.


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Writing the Zeitgeist
Writing, Editing and Publishing
Writing, Deception and Authenticity
Writing Magazine Features
Advanced Editing and Publishing
Writing Creative Non-Fiction
Professional Writing Placement
Writing and Research for Professional Contexts
Writing Humour
Writing History: People, Places and Times


Identify, explain and apply the key disciplinary concepts and principles in professional writing and publishing
Integrate theory and creative practice in the production and analysis of professional writing texts
Conceive, develop and evaluate innovative modes of professional communication
Access and evaluate the sources, authority and relevance on information, and synthesise key facts, themes and ideas in professional writing and publishing
Effectively communicate ideas to a range of audiences, across a variety of media, genres and purposes
Use and evaluate a range of appropriate technologies to access resources, communicate effectively, and develop writing and research skills
Use and reflect on disciplinary skills and knowledges to develop autonomous learning, and apply these insights to writing in a range of different professional contexts
Acknowledge the interrelationship between local, national and global perspectives and the impact of this on professional writing and publishing
Recognise and value the diversity of cultural knowledges and practices, taking care to represent these, where appropriate, in an ethical and professional manner
Work independently and/or collaboratively to produce innovative, creative and ethical professional writing that is appropriate to a variety of professional and cultural contexts

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