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    Presencial en Dorset
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    Unlimited number of Scholarships available
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    EU £7,500 Non EU £11,500
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2022
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    Fern Barrow, Poole,
    Dorset (Bournemouth) BH12 5BB
    Reino Unido
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Graduate Diploma in Law/CPE (Full-time, Part-time)


The Bournemouth University Graduate Diploma in Law/Common Professional Examination (GDL/CPE) is a one year (or two year part-time) course, intended primarily for non-law graduates planning to enter the legal profession.

Applicants with appropriate experiential qualifications may also be eligible. In addition, the course is a highly valued qualification in its own right, facilitating entry to a wide range of career opportunities as well as to the legal profession.

The GDL/CPE at the School is approved by The Bar Council and The Law Society.

Unlike the larger providers, we can offer you a learning environment with the focused support and attention that is only possible with a small cohort. You will benefit from an individually designed teaching programme enriched by the experience and research interests of our teaching team of academic and professional lawyers.


Applicants need an honours degree or equivalent.


Legal Systems, Skills and Research: You will be introduced to the UK Legal Systems, Legal Skills and Legal Research Methods. This unit will also give you the opportunity to undertake facilitated research on an area of law not covered elsewhere on the programme and including some coverage of administrative law.
Law of Obligations 1: This unit will provide you with knowledge of the constituent elements of contract law and the relevant principles to be able to critically evaluate and apply them. You will conduct effective research, state the law and apply it coherently, relying upon appropriate sources and employing legal reasoning.
Constitutional and EU Law: You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of UK constitutional and to the past and future relationship with the European Union as a source of domestic law. This unit aims to provide you with the ability to understand and demonstrate knowledge of constitutional law and aspects of EU law, and to apply that knowledge to a range of legal scenarios.
Law of Obligations 2: This unit aims to provide an academically challenging examination of the issues in the Law of Torts and an introduction to the Law of Restitution; and to develop your ability to apply the fundamental principles of these areas of Law to a wide range of situations.
Law of Trusts and Estates: Equitable interests and trusts provide a dynamic source of private law rights, obligations and remedies. Recognised as the most important of equity’s creations, the trust concept is used prolifically in spheres such as pensions, tax, commerce and asset protection, both inter vivos and testamentary. This unit aims to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary in the recognition, creation and administration of various statutory, express and implied trusts.
Property law: You will gain an an overview of the legal classifications and concepts of property, and specifically examine the private law relating to rights, estates and interests in land in England and Wales. Upon completion, you´ll be able to demonstrate knwoledge and understanding of the difference between real and personal property, basic principles of the law of equity, nature of rights, estates and interests in land/ real propoerty and how they are created, protected and defended and the relationship between the law of real property and other areas of law.
Human Rights Law: The unit contributes to your understanding of the relationship of politics and law. It also provides you with knowledge of an area of UK law which is pervasive. Sharpening your understanding of the continuing importance of the common law and expanding your awareness of the international influences on the development of UK law. It deals with important areas of overlap between law and politics and morality.
Criminal Law: You will study the core legal principles of criminal liability relating to a range of criminal offences and the substantive law of the major offences against the person and property and the partial and general defences. Given the nature of criminal practice and the immediacy of legal advice required in the early stages of investigation and prosecution, knowledge and understanding of the general foundations of criminal liability is essential.

Salidas profesionales

Although your degree will typically prepare you for a career in the legal profession, it is a highly valued qualification in its own right. This means it could open up a broad variety of career opportunities across a range of sectors.

Employers of BU Graduate Diploma in Law graduates include 3PB Barristers, Harold G Walker Solicitors, the Court of Justice and Spoor & Fisher, and we have alumni working across areas such as PR and finance, as well as law.

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