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Graduate Certificate in History Teaching (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Certificado de Postgrado en Enseñanza de Historia

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Graduate Certificate in History Teaching


The National Curriculum requires all primary and lower secondary school teachers to teach History. This course is designed to provide up-skilling of teachers in the discipline of History to enable them to meet the demands of the National Curriculum. It requires no prior knowledge of History.


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Core 1

Twentieth Century Australia
Heritage Studies (Local History)
Democracy and Dictatorship in Asia

Core 2

Curriculum and Instruction - Social Sciences (Upper Secondary)


understand the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline of history, and an ability to apply an historical perspective to the study of social life, understand the approaches most appropriate to the teaching of history.
think critically, creatively and reflectively within the history discipline and across disciplinary boundaries, and to apply these skills in the classroom.
locate relevant information from a range of sources to make decisions about the significance of this information in the development of an historical analysis of social life and to determine the most appropriate teaching method/s.
communicate effectively through a variety of written, oral and other formats to diverse audiences in ways appropriate to the teaching of history to children.
use a variety of technologies and the ability to decide on their applications appropriately.
show sustained intellectual curiosity by taking responsibility for one´s own learning and intellectual development through the recognition of a range of learning strategies, use current teaching knowledge and skills to enhance the teaching of history.
understand social life in a range of local and global contexts through the recognition of international practices in history teaching.
appreciate the importance of historical knowledge in contributing to an understanding of cultural diversity and human rights.
understand the importance of appropriate theories and ethical and principled methods for undertaking historical research, produce appropriate scholarly knowledge through research, apply knowledge and skills gained during teacher training and/or classroom practice to improve the teaching of history.

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