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Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Certificado de Postgrado en Promoción de la Salud

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion


The postgraduate courses Master of Health Promotion, Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion and Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion have been developed to further knowledge and increase skills in the major principles pertaining to health promotion. Current issues in optimising health and the prevention of disease are addressed, research skills are developed and planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion programs in various settings are practised. Other skills developed by Curtin health promotion students include project planning, the use of media and advocacy and communication. Research skills are also fostered throughout the course. The courses have been designed to suit the needs of students wishing to pursue careers in health promotion, public health, community development, program delivery, research and evaluation. The courses assist in career development and are aimed at producing, or enhancing the careers of, health professionals.


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Core units:

Concepts in Health Promotion Planning
Health Promotion Strategies and Methods
Evaluation of Health Promotion

Elective units:

Health Research Methods
Foundations of Public Health
Politics and Power in Public Health
Media Impact on Public Health
Diversity and Difference in Health Promotion
Mental Health Promotion
Physical Activity and Health


analyse and apply health promotion concepts to enhance the health and wellbeing of groups and populations.
demonstrate an understanding of health, illness and wellbeing using a determinants of health framework.
think creatively, critically and reflectively to generate innovative solutions to promote health and locate, evaluate and synthesise relevant information to translate solutions into sustainable health promotion.
communicate effectively with community members to promote health, using a variety of media.
promote health promotion research to professionals and the community using new and existing technologies for analysis and communication.
demonstrate an advanced level of independent and selfdirected learning to enhance individual and collective professional development in the field of health promotion.
critically assess and incorporate relevant international perspectives into health promotion practice.
demonstrate an advanced understanding and respect for individual human rights and cultural diversity.
work independently as a researcher and practitioner; function effectively as a member of a team; collect and manage information ethically and apply ethical reasoning to health promotion issues and practice.

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