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Graduate Certificate in Development Planning (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Certificado de Postgrado en Planificación de Desarrollo

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Graduate Certificate in Development Planning
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    In this course you will choose a range of specialist topics to meet your current and future career needs. This Graduate Certificate develops practical skills suitable for planning practitioners in government agencies or the private sector. We offer units which examine past and present planning trends, theories, laws relevant to planning and the importance of an integrated approach to urban and regional planning. You can also study land development processes and explore the implications for longer term community sustainability. Participation in projects addressing current planning issues and engagement with planning professionals prepares graduates for professional life. All units are based on interdisciplinary knowledge, techniques and practices and address environmental, social and design issues. Qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning are in increasing demand as a range of related professionals in real estate, local government and business seek to develop an understanding of planning issues.


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    Core units:

    Planning Law
    Regional Planning
    Development Processes
    Planning Theory
    Local Planning
    Integrated Plan Making


    Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
    Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning can be substituted for one of the above units in consultation with the academic program co-ordinator.


    identify and apply the principles, theories and concepts of urban and regional planning and draw upon appropriate knowledge of social, economic and environmental factors within a governance framework to practise planning, particularly in the Western Australian context;
    examine and challenge theories and practices of urban and regional planning, and generate creative solutions to planning issues
    access, evaluate and synthesise information in the context of urban and regional planning
    communicate effectively in writing, graphically, and orally with various audiences within a university context
    use appropriate technologies to gather and interpret research and data
    engage in self education within the Urban and Regional Planning profession to continue self development
    compare and contrast developmental processes in local and international contexts
    work ethically as individuals and in teams using skills central to the practice of integrated planning development


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