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Fast Track Architectural Technology Co op - Arquitectura

Centennial College - Toronto
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  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Toronto
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    941 Progress Avenue
    Toronto M1G 3T8
  • Duración:
    2 Años
  • Idioma:
    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Architectural Technology Co op
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    Not only will the Architectural Technology (Fast Track/Co-op) program get you into the field faster, it will also ensure you have real world experience that will put you ahead of the competition.

    If you have completed a degree in architecture, including one from a foreign university, you may be granted direct admission into the third semester of the three-year Architectural Technology program and receive your diploma in four academic semesters.

    Your time in this School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science program will be split between theoretical lectures, hands-on learning and two work terms as a paid employee in the architectural technology field. The work experience will not only enhance your education by allowing you to apply your skills to the real world, it will also allow you to make valuable career contacts.


    Academic Requirements
    University degree in architecture
    Additional Requirements
    Transcript and resume review is required
    Centennial College English Skills Assessment is required
    Co-op Requirements
    Minimum 2.5 CGPA and completion of all core courses and a minimum C grade in COMM-170-171 are required to qualify for COOP-221 and subsequent co-op work placements
    Departmental academic standards for co-op eligibility also applies


    Construction Health & Safety
    Builders and Contractors
    Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 3
    College Communications 2
    Environment 3
    History of Western Architecture
    Materials and Methods 3

    Building Services 1
    Design and Computer Aided Drafting Project 4
    Architectural Graphics
    Employment Preplacement
    Environment 4
    Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action
    COOP-222 Co-op Work Term 1 (3135) 

    COOP-331 Co-op Work Term 2 (3135)

    Building Services 2
    Technical Writing
    Design and CAD Complex Project
    Project Management
    Advanced Presentation Techniques
    Advanced Structures
    Environment 5

    Building Within the Municipality
    Design and CAD Multi-Use Project
    Contracts, Law and Professional Practice & Ethics
    Understanding the Ontario Building Code
    Specification Writing & Contracts
    Environment 6

    Salidas profesionales

    Career Outlook
    Architectural Technologist
    Architectural CAD Operator
    Architectural Drafter
    Building Inspector
    Municipal Plans Examiner
    Specifications Writer
    Building Material Sales Representative
    Areas of Employment
    You will have the know-how and credential to work with:

    Architectural technology firms
    Construction material manufacturers and suppliers
    Municipal building departments

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