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The Executive MBA is a programme focused on business management and innovation, giving participants an excellent level of training while continuing to work.
Participants on this course can expand and integrate their skills and deepen their knowledge of the most advanced topics and emerging trends.



Since we are firmly convinced that one of the strengths of this programme is the diversity of the background of those taking part in it, during the selection process, we give considerable weight to the professional background of our candidates.
Good knowledge of English, whilst not a mandatory condition, is highly recommended (some courses and teaching material are in English, and some of the lectures given by managers and professionals may be taught in English).


This course is intended for

People who are strongly motivated to invest in themselves.
People with a considerable work experience (at least 6 years).
Graduates in any subject.


Year I (Face-to-face lessons - Core courses in General Management)

10 weekends
- Friday from 10.00 to 19.00
- Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00
1 full weeks:
- Monday to Saturday, 09.00 to 18.00
Year II (Face-to-face lessons -Core courses in General Management and 2 Electives)

7 weekends:
- Friday from 10.00 to 19.00
- Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00

1 full week:
- Monday to Saturday, from 09.00 to 18.00
2 long weekend (Thursday to Saturday) for each Elective courses

The Programme consists in three main building blocks: Compulsory foundation courses - General Management, Elective courses/Specialization streams, Project work.

1. Core courses - General management
The objective of an EMBA course is to endow students with basic knowledge in general management, to develop their decisions making and innovation capabilities as well as to improve their leadership skills. The first part of the Executive MBA programme addresses this need with courses that teach how to manage and organize a company’s processes and resources and, at the same time, initiate the process of each student’s personal development.

2. Elective courses / Specialisation Streams
Our students have very different backgrounds. Hence, they require personalised pathways. Accordingly, during their second year, students can choose from a wide list of elective modules offered by the MIP Business School. These elective courses focus on advanced basic management topics, in line with the personal interests of the students and their training requirements. In this respects, the students have two options:

- they can choose five elective modules in different management fields;
- they can specialise by choosing one of the four streams offered by the MIP Business School: Entrepreneurship, ICT and Digital Transformation, Innovation Management and International Management.

3. Project work
Project work is a crucial part of the Organizational Behaviour area that involves problems and situations of specific interest to the students or to the companies sponsoring them. For student selecting one of the specialisation streams the project work is part of the experience of the stream itself and is focused on contents that are coherent with the subject of specialisation.


MIP’s Executive MBA improves a global prospective as well the analytical skills, understanding, confidence and language to exert influence at all levels in an organization.
Demanding, intensive but highly rewarding, the experience will prepare participants to become a leader and provide them with a broader vision to respond to complex business issues in more comprehensive manner.
The programs offered allow participants to immediately put into practice new ideas, frameworks and tools, through teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration, case-study methodology and challenging projects

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