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City Planning Graduate Diploma - Diploma de Postgrado en Planificación Urbanística

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    City Planning Graduate Diploma


Planning is an exciting, varied and progressive profession which plays a pivotal role in decisions shaping the future of cities and regions. Planners need to see the whole picture: we need to be good thinkers, good analysts and good communicators. We work with stakeholders across the spectrum of interests – from global developers to local communities – to foster feasible, equitable and sustainable outcomes. Sydney and NSW provide a fantastic laboratory to help understand the crucial role played by planners in addressing complex challenges, systematically placed in its global context through critical analysis and drawing upon best practice. The Graduate Diploma in City Planning [GDCP] degree is designed for students with an undergraduate qualification in a related discipline seeking to move into a planning or planning-related field. It is also tailored for professionals working in other sectors, especially those whose work may intersect with the planning system or requires involvement with planning agencies.


Apply disciplinary knowledge and skills in addressing multi-scalar challenges and perspectives shaping space and place
Apply concepts and principles of urban planning in practice
Examine and evaluate international issues, perspectives and opportunities within their field of study
Implement systematic knowledge and analytical skills to synthesise complex information and reach appropriate evidence-based decisions to inform planning issues and actions
Develop innovative and multidisciplinary knowledge and plans to facilitate and influence appropriate social, economic and environmental outcomes
Work effectively in a collaborative environment and communicate with a range of stakeholders to inform, consult and engage them in planning processes
Practice professional and ethical conduct and personal accountability consistent with the expectations of the planning profession and the community when engaged in planning roles and activities


The Grad. Dip City Planning is part of the articulated postgraduate degree offered by the Planning Program in the Faculty of Built Environment. Students are required to complete 48uoc, primarily comprising core courses [42uoc] and one elective option.

Core Courses [42uoc]

Core courses collectively fulfill the need to;

a) ground students in the foundations or pillars of a planning education (sustainability, economic, equity issues)
b) develop an understanding of the defining components of a planning qualification (planning law, land use policy and practice, strategic spatial planning) and
c) more detailed knowledge and skills development (planning techniques and analysis, urban design, city building)

Students must take 36uoc (6 courses) from the following courses:

Foundational and cognate knowledge
SUSD0001 - Sustainable Development and the Urban Environment (12uoc) or SUSD0004 - Sustainability and Habitability (12uoc)
PLAN7142 City Equity & Wellbeing (6 UOC)
PLAN7146 City Econ,Urban Dev & Fin (6 UOC)
Disciplinary Knowledge
PLAN7140 Land & Environment Law (6 UOC)
PLAN7141 Land Use Policy & Practice (6 UOC)
PLAN7148 Strategic Spatial Planning (6 UOC)
Students must select 6uoc (1 course) from the following list of courses:

Disciplinary skills
PLAN7143 Urban Design (6 UOC)
PLAN7145 City Building - Infrastructure (6 UOC)
PLAN7147 Planning Techniques & Analysis (6 UOC)
Elective Courses (6uoc)

Students should select 6uoc (1 course) from the following list of courses:
BEIL6000 Issues in Urbanism (6 UOC)
BEIL6001 International Planning (6 UOC)
BEIL6002 Urban and Regional Design (6 UOC)
BEIL6006 Heritage Planning (6 UOC)
BENV7304 Architecture and the City (6 UOC)
BENV7307 Writing the City (6 UOC)
BENV7728 GIS for Built Environment (6 UOC)
BENV7810 Infrastructure Planning (6 UOC)
BENV7811 Urban Renewal (6 UOC)
BENV7812 Critical Spatial Thinkers (6 UOC)
CVEN9405 Urban Transport Planning Prac (6 UOC)
GEOS9011 Environmental Impact Assess´t (6 UOC)
IEST5001 Frameworks for Env. Mgt. (6 UOC)
IEST5002 Tools for Env. Management (6 UOC)
IEST5003 Addressing Env. Issues (6 UOC)
IEST5007 Environment and Development (6 UOC)
IEST6909 Environmental Mngt Systems (6 UOC)
PLAN7144 Plan History, Theory & Culture (6 UOC)
PLAN7156 Housing Policy (6 UOC)
REST0004 Property invest. & Finance (6 UOC)
REST0006 Prop Dev & Feasibility Analysi (6 UOC)
SUSD0009 Environmental Auditing (6 UOC)
SUSD0010 Managing the Sust Built Env (6 UOC)
UDES0004 Hist & Theory of Urban Dev (6 UOC)
UDES0006 Case Stud in Urb Dev & Design (6 UOC)
UDES0009 Urban Landscape & Heritage (6 UOC)

Salidas profesionales

The Grad Dip in City Planning [GDCP] degree provides an excellent platform to take up planning and urban policy-related opportunities across all tiers of government (Federal, State, local), private sector consultancies, property development, and indeed the breadth of built environment professions where planning skills are required. The interdisciplinary skill sets developed through the diploma also enable graduates move into wider policy, research, analytical, creative and community roles both in Australia and overseas.

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