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Business Law Graduate Diploma -Diploma de Postgrado en Derecho Empresarial

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Business Law Graduate Diploma


The Graduate Diploma in Business Law is a coursework program for graduates with non-law or quasi-legal backgrounds wishing to attain postgraduate qualifications and knowledge of the law relevant to business. The program is of relevance to those involved in the private, commercial, government or international sectors where business law issues are relevant to their employment such as finance, accounting, compliance, human resources and marketing professionals. It is also a valuable qualification for students seeking careers in those fields where knowledge of legal requirements is an advantage.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree 
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


To provide non-lawyers with a core understanding of legal issues relevant to business
To combine the course offerings from UNSW Law and School of Business Law and Taxation to provide a range of electives and majors that allow students to tailor the degree to their own needs and interests
To facilitate understanding of the inter-relationship between law and business including the effects of globalisation, international law, technological developments and regulation
To facilitate the acquisition of skills in the areas of legal research, writing, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution


Candidates must complete 36 units of credit (uoc) for the Graduate Diploma of Business Law and each course is worth 6uoc.

For the GradDipBL there are three compulsory courses:
TABL5511 Legal Foundations of Business (6 UOC)
TABL5541 Corporations and Business Associations Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8072 Legal Concepts, Research and Writing for Business Law (6 UOC)
Note: students who have previously undertaken University legal studies, including TABL1710 Business and the Law and TABL2741 Business Entities at UNSW (or equivalents at other institutions) may apply to undertake elective subjects in place of the subjects in items 1 and 2.

The Enrolment Guide for the Graduate Diploma in Business Law can be found on the UNSW Law Website.

The following electives are available for credit towards the Graduate Diploma in Business Law.

Not all electives are available every year or each semester and unless otherwise indicated, each course is 6 uoc. Other courses may be added as new courses are developed and changed.
LAWS8011 Anti-Money Laundering (6 UOC)
LAWS8014 Defamation and the Media (6 UOC)
LAWS8016 International & Comparative IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8017 Intellectual Property Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8021 Advanced Topics in IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8037 Surv Security and Democracy (6 UOC)
LAWS8040 Online Content Regulation (6 UOC)
LAWS8042 Comm Transactions Involving IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8044 Electronic Comm Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8047 IP Licensing Commercialisation (6 UOC)
LAWS8050 Globalisation and IP Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8054 Media & Comm. Industry Reg. (6 UOC)
LAWS8058 Workplace Change & Conflict (6 UOC)
LAWS8064 Regulatory Litigation (6 UOC)
LAWS8066 Climate Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8071 Development and Planning Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8077 Foundation of Facilitation (6 UOC)
LAWS8078 Mediation (6 UOC)
LAWS8079 International Investment Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8083 Sports Sponsorship & Marketing (6 UOC)
LAWS8085 International Organisations (6 UOC)
LAWS8094 Int Finan Inst: Law and Prac (6 UOC)
LAWS8111 Prudential Regulation as Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8114 Minority Shareholders´ Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8116 Dispute Resolution Family Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8118 Legal Systems in Comp Persp (6 UOC)
LAWS8121 Reg Corp Global Capitalism (6 UOC)
LAWS8135 Chinese Legal System (PG) (6 UOC)
LAWS8140 Finance for Lawyers (6 UOC)
LAWS8142 Vietnamese Legal System (6 UOC)
LAWS8145 Int Econ Law in Asian Region (6 UOC)
LAWS8148 IP Strategy and Management (6 UOC)
LAWS8151 European Union:Inst & Leg Sys (6 UOC)
LAWS8152 EU: Economic & Trade Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8158 EU Business Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8180 Principles of Intl Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8183 Int. Commercial Arbitration (6 UOC)
LAWS8185 Legal Lanscp.of Sharing Econ (6 UOC)
LAWS8189 Transnt´l Bus & Hum Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8203 Global Issues in Comp Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8210 Globalisation & Commercial Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8212 Native Title Law, Policy & Pra (6 UOC)
LAWS8219 Competition Law and Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8220 Inter. Financial System (6 UOC)
LAWS8239 Workplace Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8241 Pacific Islands Legal Systems (6 UOC)
LAWS8314 Dispute Resolution (6 UOC)
LAWS8319 Internat Env Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8391 Int´l Discrimination Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8423 Research Thesis: 6 uoc (6 UOC)
LAWS8972 Law World Trade Organization (6 UOC)
LAWS8980 Principled Negotiation (6 UOC)
LAWS8981 Mastering Facilitation (6 UOC)
LAWS8989 World Trade Law Contemp Issues (6 UOC)
LAWS8993 International Business Trans. (6 UOC)
LAWS8994 Fraud, Forgery and Dishonesty (6 UOC)
TABL5503 Taxation of Corporations (6 UOC)
TABL5504 Asia Pacific Tax Regimes (6 UOC)
TABL5505 Taxation of Trusts (6 UOC)
TABL5506 Tax Administration Process (6 UOC)
TABL5507 Taxation of Corporate Finance (6 UOC)
TABL5508 Int Tax: Anti-Avoidance (6 UOC)
TABL5510 Taxation of Superannuation (6 UOC)
TABL5515 Taxation of Capital Gains (6 UOC)
TABL5517 Intellectual Property for Bus (6 UOC)
TABL5518 Consolidat´ns&GroupStructures (6 UOC)
TABL5520 Principles of Aust Intern´l Tx (6 UOC)
TABL5521 E-Business and the Law (6 UOC)
TABL5522 GST: Design and Structure (6 UOC)
TABL5523 Principles of GST Law (6 UOC)
TABL5524 Legal Environment of Asian Bus (6 UOC)
TABL5525 Tax of Employee Remuneration (6 UOC)
TABL5526 Tax & Invest Reg in China (6 UOC)
TABL5527 Tax Strategies in Fin Planning (6 UOC)
TABL5528 Int Tax: Design and Structure (6 UOC)
TABL5531 Principles of Revenue Administ (6 UOC)
TABL5537 Double Tax Agreements (6 UOC)
TABL5538 Tax Risk Management (6 UOC)
TABL5540 SMSF Law (6 UOC)
TABL5544 Comparative Tax Systems (6 UOC)
TABL5550 PrinciplesTax Transfer Pricing (6 UOC)
TABL5551 Taxation Law (6 UOC)
TABL5555 Tax of Property Transactions (6 UOC)
TABL5557 Corporate Law, Tax & Strategy (6 UOC)
TABL5562 Business Law in a Global Econ. (6 UOC)
TABL5575 Tax Policy (6 UOC)
TABL5580 Current Research Probs in Tax (6 UOC)
TABL5581 International Tax Research (6 UOC)
Individual postgraduate courses from other faculties to be added to the list by the Program Convenor, after consultation with the appropriate Faculty.

A student may seek authorisation from the program Director/s or the Coordinator of Postgraduate Education to undertake a Postgraduate course not listed above.

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