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Master of Global Business: Dubai, Sydney & Singapore

S P Jain School of Global Management
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    Presencial en Singapur
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    Full scholarships available
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
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    40 Créditos
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    The Master of Global Business (MGB) is a 16-month*, full-time course designed to provide graduates in-depth cross-functional knowledge of business and a sound understanding of how businesses operate in a global environment. The course makes use of a blended learning model that includes simulations, group-work, real-world case studies, enabling students to relate theoretical aspects of business to the practical challenges facing today’s global business managers.

    * The 16-month course includes 12 months of academic study followed by a mandatory 4-month internship.


    As this is a post-graduate program, Master’s degree, you must already be a university graduate to apply. Candidates who do not have their final year results may apply to the program but S P Jain can only make a conditional offer.

    The candidate must have 0-3 years of work experience. Candidates with over 3 years of work experience may apply to the Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) program.


    S P Jain´s Master of Global Business (MGB) program emphasises specialisation. This means that in addition to acquiring broad knowledge of business culture and practice, students also choose an area for intensive study. Industry experts believe that management takes place on two levels: cross-functional and vertical. S P Jain reflects this by offering students three cutting-edge specialisations to equip them with the in-depth knowledge and specific tools that their future careers will demand.

    - E-Business
    - Global Finance
    - Contemporary Marketing Management (CMM)
    - Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management (GLSCM)



    The MGB course is conducted across our campuses in Dubai, Sydney and Singapore. All MGB students, regardless of their specialisation, split the duration of their academic study between the three campuses.

    How Business Creates Value
    Financial Accounting for Dec. Making
    Marketing Management
    Statistics for Decision Making

    TERM 1:
    Financial Accounting for Dec. Making 2
    Managerial Economics
    Research Methods
    Marketing Management 2 (OL)
    Supply Chain Management (OL)
    Global Immersion 1: Global Awareness
    Immersion: Decision Making
    Management Accounting
    Global Immersion 1 project (Industry)
    Global Immersion 1 project (Entrepreneurship) - Alternate to MGB PRO 101

    TERM 2
    Operations Management (OL)
    Global Immersion 2: Global Analysis
    Corporate Finance 1 (OL)
    Corporate Finance 2 (OL)
    Immersion Course: HRM Teamwork
    Global Immersion 2 Project (Industry)
    Global Immersion 1 project (Entrepreneurship) - Alternate to MGB PRO 203
    Specialisation electives

    TERM 3
    Becoming a Leader
    Strategic Analysis
    Global Immersion 3: New Markets, Reduced Costs, and Better Technology
    Immersion: Integration Simulation
    Global Immersion 3 Project (Industry)
    Global Immersion 1 project (Entrepreneurship) - Alternate to MGB PRO 305
    Specialisation electives


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