University of New South Wales, Australia

Advanced Flying Graduate Diploma - Diploma de Postgrado en Vuelo Avanzado

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Advanced Flying Graduate Diploma


The Graduate Diploma in Advanced Flying is a program designed to meet the needs of graduates with an ambition toward a career as an airline pilot.

This program provides the ground and simulator training which is required for pilots by airlines prior to type endorsement. The core training includes the concepts and practices of Multi-Crew-Coordination, and training in Aeroplane Systems required for a pilot to operate an airline category aeroplane as a pilot. In addition to specific training as above, award of the Diploma will require satisfactory completion of four related aviation postgraduate theory courses. The student also needs to understand core aspects of the theory of aviation safety, and this will be acquired through studying existing additional Aviation postgraduate courses. This program aligns with the UNSW Postgraduate Coursework policy and AQF level 8.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree 
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


Graduates will be equipped with a breadth and depth of generic, disciplinary and specific knowledge and skills which can be applied to a range of complex contexts associated with operating an airline category aeroplane safely as a pilot,
Graduates will have developed an understanding of enquiry-based learning and demonstrate analytical skills,
Graduates will have developed a level of critical thinking and problem solving skills in the areas of aviation safety and pilot performance.


Compulsory Courses

Students must complete 48 units of credit (UOC) comprised of the following compulsory courses:

24 Units of Credit of Training Courses (compulsory)
AVIF5915 Multi-Crew Coordination (12 UOC)
AVIF5916 Aeroplane Systems (12 UOC)
24 Units of Credit of Graduate level Aviation Courses, from
AVIA5015 Safety Management Systems (6 UOC)
AVIA5018 Aviation Human Factors (6 UOC)
AVIA5022 Aircraft Accident Invest. Tech (6 UOC)
AVIA5024 Flight Deck Ops for Adv. Trans (6 UOC)
AVIA5039 Airworthiness (6 UOC)
AVIF5915 and AVIF5916 will be offered in both Semester 1 and Semester 2 and require attendance on campus. The four 6 UoC courses are undertaken by distance, and may be taken with part-time program enrolment.

Sample Programs

Program flexibility with regard to the course offerings is important, as many students will be working once the core courses AVIF5915 and AVIF5916 are completed. Three sample programs are listed below. Contact the School Office for other program arrangements.

Full time
(a) Year 1: Semester 1 (AVIF5915, AVIA5039, AVIA5022), Semester 2 ( AVIF5916, AVIA5018, AVIA5024)

Part time
(b) Year 1: Semester 1 (AVIF5915, AVIF5916), Semester 2 (AVIA5015, AVIA5018)
Year 2: Semester 1 (AVIA5024, AVIA5039)

(c) Year 1: Semester 2 (AVIF5915, AVIF5015)
Year 2: Semester 1 (AVIF5916, AVIA5022), Semester 2 (AVIA5018, AVIA5024)

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